Zachary Snellenberger - art

Zachary Snellenberger – Surroundings

“Surroundings” is a series of inspiring photographs taken by 20-year-old self-taught photographer Zachary Snellenberger. Living in Mid-West Michigan for his entire life has had a tremendous impact on his works. With the woods, dunes and water, Read More

Annie Bui - a portrait

Annie Bui – Delicate Beauty

Annie Bui is a music and media student living in Melbourne, Australia. She loves to take photographs, focusing mainly on portraits. Annie carefully chooses clothes and makeup for her subjects. She always uses natural lighting which Read More

Studio Anne Holtrop - a hanging desk

Studio Anne Holtrop – Hanging Desk

Anne Holtrop is an independent architect based in Amsterdam. Hanging Desk is a brand-new, limited edition design and a part of a captivating series of furniture inspired by the stone collection of French philosopher and sociologist Roger Read More

Dragos Motica Studio - a slash lamp

Dragos Motica Studio – Slash Lamp

Dragos Motica Studio is a Bucharest-based design studio working in the fields of architecture, interiors, products, and graphic design. Slash Lamp is an object that gives the user the chance of choice. The materials used for building Read More

Tristram Lansdowne - art

Tristram Lansdowne – Mixing the Urban and the Utopian

Tristram Lansdowne is a painter born in Victoria, B.C.; he lives and works in Toronto. He mixes 20th century architectural ideas with present day urban environments in delicately painted watercolors, creating otherworldly landscapes.

Sabina Tabakovic - art

Sabina Tabakovic – Making Life Beautiful

Sabina Tabakovic is a self-taught photographer based in Jönköping, Sweden. She finds her inspiration in dreams, old things and kind people. Sabina’s photographs carry a warm human message. Lots of imagination and inventiveness is evident in the Read More

Artonomos - a tea tray

Artonomos – Confluence

Confluence is a small wooden tea tray designed by a multi-disciplinary studio – Artonomos. It is carved out of Birch plywood, creating a beautiful landscape like form. It serves up to 6 persons.

Zachari Logan - art

Zachari Logan – Embodiment of Nature

Zachari Logan is a Canadian visual artist creating very intense and meticulous drawings that grab everyone’s attention. In recent work, the artist explores his body as a queer embodiment of nature. These pieces evolve a visual Read More

Los Carpinteros - art twisted nails

Los Carpinteros – Peculiar Shapes

Los Carpinteros is a Havana-based collective of talented artists Marco Antonio Castillo Valdes, Dagoberto Rodríguez Sánchez and Alexandre Arrechea Jesus Zambrano. Their portfolio is full of fantastic things, including watercolor geometric drawings, installations and inspiring design Read More