Melissa Gamwell - a spoon

Melissa Gamwell – Ceramic and Metal Products

Melissa Gamwell is an artist and writer based in New York. A recent graduate from the Royal College of Art, she currently works with a focus on abstraction of functional industrial objects, creating one-off pieces primarily in Read More

Erica Coburn - a beauty photography

Erica Coburn – Dreamy Beauty Shots

Erica Coburn is a freelance photographer from Dublin, Ireland. She is currently studying Photography at the Institute of Art & Design Technology in Dublin, Ireland. She shots exquisite fashion and beauty photographs, enriched with vibrant colors Read More

Mirja Pitkaart - a design work

Mirja Pitkäärt – Accessories

Mirja Pitkäärt is an Estonian designer interested in accessories that sit between product and fashion design, using traditional as well as modern methods of manufacturing. In 2014 she received the Accessories Collection of the Year award Read More

Finnian MacManus - a power

Finnian MacManus – Entrance to Imaginary Worlds

These stunning digital artworks are created by a self-taught concept artist and designer Finnian MacManus. He lives and works in Pasadena, California. Finnian uses Cinema 4D, Photoshop, and Vue to express his ideas.

María Aparicio - art horizon

María Aparicio Puentes – Threaded Photographs

María Aparicio Puentes is a Chilean mixed-media artist who creates beautiful pieces by hand-stitching over photographs. She uses natural forms and geometric shapes, adding some colors on monochromatic backgrounds.

Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader - 3D fashion photography

Reed + Rader – Flowers

Pamela Reed & Matthew Rader are digital artist couple, focusing on fashion photography. Together they make photographs that will truly stun you. 3D Design, Environmental Design and Sound by Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader Stylist: Melaney Read More

Yee Sookyung - a vase design

Yeesookyung – Translated Vase

This series of exquisitely uncanny ceramics, titled “Translated Vase”, is designed by Seoul-based artist Yeesookyung. She puts the broken bits and pieces of ceramic trash together one by one and covers the seams with 24 karat Read More