Andrew Lyman – Fleeted Happenings

Andrew Lyman - art

Andrew Lyman is a talented artist and photographer living and working in Savannah, Georgia. He is currently pursuing a BFA in Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Through his “Fleeted Happenings” series, Lyman explores “the transcendence of memory through time in relation to space.” The pictures feature ghostlike visions appearing in beautiful landscapes and surroundings that evoke feelings of curiosity and fear. Learning from his daily experiences, Andrew is influenced by his interaction with others and social phenomena.  “Photography is a form of image making that is inherently documentary, recording directly from life. The believability is fun to play with, the real vs. unreal, found vs. constructed,” he says.

Andrew Lyman - fleeted happenings Andrew Lyman - ghostly appearance Andrew Lyman - ghostly Andrew Lyman - girl Andrew Lyman - photography Andrew Lyman - transparent

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